Guidance Counselors

Please click HERE for the Guidance Department page to request a counseling appointment or schedule change.

 Mrs. Corcoran 11th Grade (E-Z)
 Mrs. Noel 9th & 10th Grade (D-M)
 Ms. Sanchez 9th & 10th Grade ELL (Habla Español)
 Ms. Paul 9th & 10th Grade (N-Z)
 Mr. Lares 11th & 12th Grade ELL (Habla Español) 
 Ms. Tolbert 9th & 10th Grade (A-C)
 Mrs. Kokotoff 11th & 12th Grade (A-D) and IB Diploma (DP) & Career-related (CP) Students
 Mrs. Proby 12th Grade (E-Z), Lead Counselor
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