Athletic Staff Directory

Athletic Administration
 Dr. Mary Stratos Principal E-mail  561-540-2422
 Ron Kotouch Director of Athletics E-mail  561-540-2444
 Lisa Martin Confidential Secretary E-mail  561-540-2422
 David Londo Athletics Trainer E-mail  847-997-5066
 Liliana Sanchez Assistant Athletics Director E-mail  561-386-7724
 John Provenzano Assistant Principal E-mail  561-540-3028
 Mary Killeen Assistant Principal E-mail  561-540-2430
 Pamela McDonnough Assistant Principal - Student Athlete Success E-mail  561-540-3022
 Julie Valenza Assistant Athletics Director E-mail  561-827-9823
 Dr. Demetrius Permenter Assistant Principal E-mail  561-540-2414
 Dr. Saarela Venning Assistant Principal E-mail  561-540-2413
 Russ Milliken Head Varsity Coach E-mail  561-379-4685
 Johnny Perez Assistant Varsity Coach E-mail  561-722-8400
 Rene Rosario Assistant Varsity Coach  
  Nino Varsity Assistant Coach  
 Rafael DeBrand Junior Varsity Coach E-mail  561-660-0147
 Hector Perdigon Junior Varsity Coach E-mail  561-308-6099
Basketball (B)
 Tony Watson Boys Varsity Head Coach E-mail  561-312-1121
 Clayton Williams Assistant Varsity Coach E-mail  561-540-3091
 Shawn Martin Head Junior Varsity Coach E-mail  561-574-5455
 Max McClure Assistant Coach  
 George Ferguson 9th Grade Head Coach E-mail  561-294-6407
 Maria Cabrera Team Manager  
 Natalie Gomez Team Manager  
 Cassandra Luke Team Manager  
 Devin Valdes Team Manager  
 Aileen Velasquez Team Manager  
Basketball (G)
 Nick Whittick Head Girls Varsity Coach E-mail  561-507-4376
 Clayton Williams Head Coach E-mail  678-481-6707
 Felisa Miles Assistant Coach E-mail  561-540-2409
 LaShae Gayle Head Varsity Cheerleading Coach E-mail  561-635-2391
Cross Country
 Justin Boruch-Dolan Head Cross Country Coach E-mail  954-292-5089
 Allison Hammill Assistant Cross Country Coach E-mail  412-848-4934
 Laura Hayden Assistant Cross Country Coach E-mail  772-233-5069
Flag Football
 Jim Basford Head Varsity Coach E-mail  561-301-2778
 Kyle Henry Assistant Coach E-mail  561-234-5321
 Jude Blessington Head Coach/Running Backs E-mail  772-475-3142
 Jim Basford Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks Coach E-mail  561-301-2778
 Matt Sparrowhawk Offensive Line Coach E-mail  863-512-6531
 Dwayne McClendon Assistant Football Coach E-mail  561-523-0947
 Evan Williams Head JV Coach/Defensive Backs E-mail  561-727-0461
 Markus White Assistant Football Coach E-mail  561-420-3309
 Vinny DeAguila Defensive Backs E-mail  203-814-4954
 Jason Edema Assistant Football Coach E-mail  561-541-7519
 Ron Mack Assistant Football Coach E-mail  561-201-4318
 Armando Gonzalez Defensive Backs E-mail  561-308-4016
 Frank Cornell Head Boys Coach E-mail  561-779-1708
 Barbara Malone Head Girls Coach E-mail  561-371-8853
Soccer (B)
 Ryan Wells Head Varsity Coach E-mail  315-663-4966
 Jephte Borno Head Junior Varsity Coach E-mail  561-856-6140
Soccer (G)
 Liliana Sanchez Head Coach E-mail  561-386-7724
 Juan Galvez Assistant Coach  
Weightlifting (G)
 Justin Boruch-Dolan Head Coach E-mail  954-292-5089
 Kimmy Landress Assistant Coach E-mail  561-767-1075
 Katherine Hoyle Head Varsity Boys and Girls Coach E-mail  408-608-5434
 Chris Lincoln Head Varsity Coach E-mail  561-424-1999
 John Destefano Assistant Softball Coach  
 Frank Cornell Head Boys Coach E-mail  561-779-1708
 Mike Esopakis Assistant Boys Coach  
 Julio Castillo Head Girls Coach  
Track & Field
 Justin Boruch-Dolan Head Track and Field Coach E-mail  954-292-5089
 Laura Hayden Assistant Track and Field Coach E-mail  772-233-5069
 Liliana Sanchez Assistant Coach E-mail  561-386-7724
 Markus White Assistant Coach E-mail  561-420-3309
 Evan Williams Assistant Coach E-mail  561-727-0461
Volleyball (B)
 Kim Pirisino Head Girls Volleyball Coach E-mail  410-652-9499
 Malinda Vasquez Head Junior Varsity Coach E-mail  561-596-2572
 Malissa Reese Varsity Assistant Coach E-mail  484-680-0131
Volleyball (G)
 Kim Pirisino Head Varsity Coach E-mail  410-652-9499
 Malinda Vasquez Head Junior Varsity Coach E-mail  561-596-2572
 Malissa Reese Assistant Varsity Coach E-mail  484-680-0131
Weightlifting (B)
 Jude Blessington Head Varsity Coach E-mail  772-475-3142
 William Weiss Head Varsity Coach E-mail  607-316-0920